Jumpo Trainer Testimonials

The cat thingie is great! ...the neighbor's cat has stopped using the corner of our house as his toilet! Gary has replanted the pansies 3 times because of that cat!

Judy Boyd, Sonora Ca

The Jumpo Trainers work very well...we are trying to train two feral cats. They have jumped up on our expensive leather sofas two times since we have had the Jumpos and have run like hell.

Thanks for inventing a great idea!

Doris & Lee Wiese, Upper Nyack, NY

We have 3 indoor cats who were getting into houseplants, countersurfing and launching into our Christmas tree. The Jumpo Trainers are allowing me to enjoy the cats without the strap on headlamp and squirt bottle counter offensive attacks at 3 AM. I let the Jumpos do their work and act like I know nothing. The cats like me again and are staying out of our stuff! Thank you. P.S. Most people would probably underestimate the number of Jumpos needed.

Follow-up email from Sherm Haworth:

The plants are easy...we put one Jumpo inside each plant and that problem is solved. Countertops are tougher. Cats have good memory and are very agile...they learn quickly where to jump and where to place their feet. The Jumpos are spaced every 3-4 inches on countertops and I change the placement every night. Putting them at angles helps take up more space. I don't have enough to handle all countertops yet. I believe the best tip for behavior mod was for me to stop stalking, chasing, yelling and squirting. If a Jumpo is set off, I calmly reset it and walk away. They are already less afraid of me and we are building loving relationships. Thanks again!

Sherm Haworth, Albuquerque, NM

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just received the Jumpos... put them out last night to keep the cat off the kitchen table... I think they will do the trick.. she didn't go up there last night.. but when she does...

thanks for the neat product

Follow-up email....

well.... the cat tripped it once on the dining room table.. haven't had to reset it again.. either she is gotten sneaky or it scared her away the first time... trying the kitchen counter next... I think you are on to something


Glenn Maloney, North Adams, MA

I found you by accident on the web and just purchased the Jumpos for my son. We live in the Florida Keys. He had tiny little birds that only landed on his boat at night. They were sometimes so bold that they remained on the boat despite people being aboard. My son had a big mess to clean every morning. My son had tried pie tins clanging together, and reflecting tape, bird repellent pellets and a few other things. Nothing worked until we purchased your Jumpos. After using the Jumpos for a couple of nights the bird problem is gone. This is the best "bird repellant" we have found. Thanks for a great product!

Jamie Osterman, Florida


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