Keep cats off of furniture
cats off of furniture Jumpo Trainer - Keep cats off furniture

The Jumpo Trainer...

  • Scares cats and birds off areas they are not allowed.
  • When stepped on, the Jumpo Trainer practically explodes upwards.
  • Deters cats from jumping onto tables, countertops, furniture or automobiles.
  • Keeps birds off boats, window sills, outdoor furniture etc..

The Jumpo Trainer was originally created to keep birds off boats. We then discovered how incredibly effective they were in managing cat behavior! Cats hate being startled and Jumpos do just that! They are a great `teaching' tool for them. It makes the point firmly: "not here!" The photo below shows a Jumpo with an expanded trigger.

Keep cats off furniture

Simply set a Jumpo onto a place that is "off limits" and let the Jumpos do the job.

Do you want to:

  • Stop cats from counter-surfing?
  • Keep cats off furniture?
  • Keep a cat off a table?
  • Keep cats off cars?
  • Stop cats from digging into houseplants?
  • Stop a cat from scratching furniture?

Jumpo Trainers will do the job.


Place Jumpos in 'off limit' areas. For example, when a cat leaps up and steps on the Jumpo Trainer, the unit fires, leaping up, clattering, startling the cat. You can place Jumpos on countertops, sofas, chairs, in front of furniture they might use to sharpen their claws, or near plants in which they dig. You can use Jumpos with or without the expanded trigger. Ultimately you can correct these misbehaviors without having your cat learning to be afraid of YOU.

Jumpos can be used outside too, on cars, on outside furniture, around bird feeders and near plants. Let cats know what areas are off limits. Jumpos are also very effective at keeping birds off boats.

Jumpos are easy to use. They are made of durable, ultraviolet-resistant plastic and therefore can be used outdoors, in open sunlight.

I want to provide you with the information you need to understand what Jumpos can do for you. I will explain what Jumpos are, how they work, where you can use them and some tricks to make them work better in special situations.


Let's start with what a Jumpo looks like. To the right is a photo of a Jumpo set and ready to go. Jumpos are 9 1/4 inches long, 3 1/4 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches tall. They are made of bright green, UV resistant plastic. Notice that they are cantilevered: the middle section is off, or above, the resting surface.

A Jumpo consists of two "wings" and a marine bungee cord. There is an anchor cord included with each Jumpo, if you wish to secure the Jumpo to a boat or window sill, for example, so that the unit will not jump away.

Setting a Jumpo

After assembling the unit, grasp each wing and place the notched ends of the wings together as shown.

For instructions on assembling your Jumpo Trainer click here.

Press down and stretch the bungee cord so the wings are flattened out as shown to the right.

Caution!  The Jumpo is now ready to Jump

Jumpos are not toys, so keep children away from them. A jumping Jumpo can sting!

To see a video of how to set a Jumpo Trainer click here

Jumpos in Action

Here are a series of photos showing a Jumpo jumping. Slight downward pressure on the wings allows the bungee cord to pull the wings together and above the center of gravity of the device. The Jumpo can leap several feet upwards, so be careful handling one.

Pressure applied to the mid-area allows the bungee cord to pull the wings together.

The wings are very rapidly pulled inwards and upwards. The Jumpo leaps up, with the wings clapping together.

Jumpos are brightly colored for a reason. We want the animal or bird to see them. For example, after a bird or cat fires a Jumpo, the animal is now afraid and weary of the Jumpo. A bird or cat cannot tell if a Jumpo is set or not.

Once the cat or bird has experienced a Jumpo, if it sees another Jumpo, it will stay away!


Jumpo Hints

Here are some ideas for setting Jumpos a little differently from the standard.

Need a Jumpo to be more powerful?

Use this double-bungee cord setup. It makes the Jumpo nearly twice as powerful. This is the setup I'd recommend to use on larger animals such as raccoons. Make the first encounter a significant event. The learning will be much stronger. I have seen double-bungeed Jumpos shoot four feet up!

Please be careful with this set! This double bungee setup is very strong.


Want to expand the trigger area of the Jumpo?

You can use firm cardboard or thin plywood placed on the edge of the center of a set Jumpo to expand the trigger area. Or place a bridge between two Jumpos and then set wider cardboard on the bridge. The result is two Jumpos firing simultaneously!

The photo to the right shows a dining room chair with a Jumpo and a piece of cardboard placed over the center of a Jumpo to expand the trigger area. This makes it very difficult for the cat to sit on the chair without firing the Jumpo.




Here is another photo of the use of a Jumpo with an expanded trigger. This is a cheap and effective way of beating the agility and nimble foot placement of cats. There are numerous ways to use the Jumpo Trainer with expanded triggers.

Click here for more Jumpo Trainer hints.


Keep cats off of sofas and chairs


Here is the price breakdown for Jumpos
Quantity Price
1-2 Jumpo $6.00 each
3 - 5 Jumpos $5.00 each
6 (1 Box) Jumpos $4.17 per Jumpo, or $25.02 per box of 6
12 (2 Boxes) Jumpos $3.75 per Jumpo, or $22.50 per box of 6
Additional bungee cords $0.50 each

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