Jumpo Trainer Assembly & Tips
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To the right is a photo of a Jumpo set and ready to go. Jumpos are 9 1/4 inches long, 3 1/4 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches tall. They are made of bright green, UV resistant plastic. Notice that they are cantilevered: the middle section is off, or above, the resting surface.

A Jumpo consists of two "wings" and a marine bungee cord. There is an anchor cord (not shown) included with each Jumpo, if you wish to secure the Jumpo to a boat or window sill, for example, so that the unit will not jump away.

Preparing a Jumpo:

Slide part of a bungee cord onto the round hole and slide it into the slot, as shown at right.

2. Repeat the operation with the other wing.

You have now assembled a Jumpo.

To set a Jumpo, grasp each wing and place the notched ends of the wings together as shown.

Press down and stretch the bungee cord so the wings are flattened out as shown to the right.

Caution!  The Jumpo is now ready to Jump

Jumpos are not toys, so keep children away from them. A jumping Jumpo can sting!

Jumpo Trainer Assembly Firing the Jumpo Trainer
Jumpo Trainer Tips & Ideas

Here are some ideas for setting Jumpos a little differently from the standard.

To make Jumpos more sensitive, do an ‘off center” set.

Need a Jumpo to be more powerful?

Use this double-bungee cord setup. It adds a great deal more power to the Jumpo. This is the setup I'd recommend to use on larger animals such as raccoons. Make the first encounter a significant event. The learning will be much stronger.

Please be careful with this set! This double bungee setup is very strong. Do not let children or small pets near this setup.


Want to expand the trigger area of the Jumpo?

Set a thin piece of wood or firm cardboard on the edge of the center of a set Jumpo. Or place a bridge between two Jumpos and then set wider cardboard on the bridge. The result is two Jumpos firing simultaneously!

The photo to the right shows a piece of cardboard used to expand the area protected. In this case, a small area of the cardboard serves to magnify the pressure place on the larger surface area cardboard. Note, you can do this on both sides of a Jumpo.

The use of an expanded trigger area is a great way of beating the agility and nimble foot placement of cats.