Jumpo Trainer Testimonials
Buy 1 Jumpo Trainer $6.00
Buy 2 Jumpo Trainers $12.00
Buy 3 Jumpo Trainers $15.00
Buy 4 Jumpo Trainers $20.00
Box of 6 Jumpo Trainers $25.00
2 Boxes of 6 Jumpo Trainers $45.00
Additional bungee cords .50 cents


Jumpo Trainer prices

Here is the price breakdown for Jumpos.

Quantity Price
1-2 Jumpo $6.00 each
3 - 5 Jumpos $5.00 each
6 (1 Box) Jumpos $4.17 per Jumpo, or $25.02 per box of 6
12 (2 Boxes) Jumpos $3.75 per Jumpo, or $22.50 per box of 6
Additional bungee cords $0.50 each

Shipping and Handling is $7.00 in the U.S. Shipping outside of U.S., please contact us at orders@sophron.com or call 888-767-4766 (or 209-532-1728)

Finally, since I understand you may still be skeptical that Jumpo Trainers work so well, I'd like to take the risk out of trying it by giving you...

a 30-day risk-free offer (not including shipping)

Please try Jumpo Trainers for up to a full month. Anytime during that time, if you find that Jumpo Trainers aren't doing what you expected them to do, just return them and we'll cheerfully and quickly refund your payment.

And we will send you a hints guide to help you use Jumpos effectively to train birds and small pests and animals. We want you to be thrilled with your Jumpo Trainers and tell your friends about them!

I hope that you will give Jumpos a try. You will find many opportunities to use Jumpos.

WORST case: you will know if Jumpos can solve your particular training problems.

BEST case: you finally find a tool that will help you solve your specific training needs and save yourself from the damage costs created by misbehaving pets and wildlife.

So please—join me in experiencing this fun and effective training device. You have nothing to lose and...

...so much to gain!


 And, if you are not 100% satisfied with your Jumpo Trainers, just send them back within the first month for a full refund (exclusive of shipping)!

So let Jumpo Trainers be the training tool you've been searching for.


I eagerly look forward to having you as a satisfied customer.


With warm regards,


Jim Tassano, President
Sophron Marketing Inc


If you prefer to order by phone, or if you have any questions, call:

888-767-4766 (or 209-532-1728)